I Bid You A Doula empowers spiritual clarity, emotional release, and basic comprehension of the human condition surrounding the process of Death and Dying through Meditation, Artistic Expression & Household Support in the process of Life and Living regardless of one's Wellness.

Welcome to The Legacy Project!


"Expression, Responsibility, Forgiveness, Acceptance, and Gratitude."

Together we will explore Life's major themes through the lens of your own unique, individual experience with a series of thought-provoking questions and contemplations. Capturing a Life Review on film offers physical documentation, a sense of permanence and gentle reminder of who we have been in this world so far & how we'd most like to be remembered.

"When we have clarity on our destination and are grounded in our current reality, we are equipped to make the best decisions possible."




Artistic Exploration & Emotional

Creation can be incredibly therapeutic for our emotional well-being. Generating art allows us to physically put into the world what is often too hard to put into words. As a client, you and I will work together to figure out how best you'd like to explore yourself artistically & navigate any emotional release or resistance encountered as we go. Artistic skill is absolutely unrequired & unnecessary.

fire 2.png

'The Phoenix Experience': My Experience Through Fire. 2020

bear bear.jpg

'Oso' - 4'x4' mixed media paper statue. 2016


Greeting Cards

Send a personalized card to your loved one to really brighten their day! Personal inspirations, special requests, inside jokes... I'll work with you to create a unique greeting card with just the right, 'magic touch' guaranteed to bring a sense of joy and love to it's recipient. Send me an e-mail!