I'm available to support you as a...

CLIENT - Advanced Care Planning, Companionship, Spiritual Navigation, Legacy Making, Sitting Vigil/Bedside Presence & Creative Emotional Expression.


CARE TAKER - Grief Support,  Hold Space/Clearing and Cleaning, Household Support, After Care Logistics, Care Team Organization & Mediation.


COMMUNITY MEMBER - Death Education, Meditations, Questions and Curiosities... Let's set up the time and space for whatever you need. Often times, I find people simply need to talk. And I'm happy to be there to listen. 

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A Note on:

Accessibility and Activism.

 It goes with due acknowledgement that a 'Good Death': one that offers fulfillment and sense of completion to Life, can take a tremendous amount of foresight, action and resources. It is a privilege to die well, and it is within my mission to keep my doors open to any and all who strive to achieve dignity in Death. A gentle reminder that any financial contribution you are able to make allows me to create greater accessibility in my surrounding community for those who may not be able to otherwise afford my services. Your giving is greatly appreciated.  





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