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DEATH 101: 


“The Logistics and metaphysics around Death & the Dying process.”

  • A safe space for lecture-style learners; covering the basics of how we die: advanced care planning, biological breakdown, burial options, The 9 Contemplations, A ‘Good’ Death & The role of the Death Doula.


Engaging in the Conversation:   


“How I Want To Die."

(AKA - '...It's my party, and I'll die how I want to.')

  • A brave and communal space supporting sharing-style learners in exploration of themes of Ideal Deathbeds, Unfinished Business, Legacy and the Lives we leave behind. What can we do today to offer ourselves a better death for tomorrow?  


Living Legacy:


“Embodying the power of living Life the way we’d want to be remembered.”

  • A workshop for everyone of all ages, inspired by and developed in mentorship of underprivileged NYC teens. Commanding the act of play to evoke a better sense of imagination, courage and self-respect in our daily lives.

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Set up your...

Our time together will be a journey of Companionship: one of many unknowns, where none are wholly, 'student' or 'teacher'. Whether a single hour or the duration of your End-of-Life experience, together we'll create a transparent, and satisfactory contract of services offering the kind of mutual support and flexibility which Life & Death may require of us.
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A note on 

Accessibility and Activism: 

It must go with due acknowledgement that a 'Good Death': one that offers fulfillment and sense of completion to Life, can take a tremendous amount of foresight, planning, action, support and resources to achieve. It is a privilege to die well, and it is within my mission to keep my doors open to any and all who strive to achieve dignity in Death. A gentle reminder that any financial contribution you are able to make allows me to create greater accessibility in my surrounding community for those who may not be able to otherwise afford my services. No matter what you are able, your giving is always deeply & greatly appreciated.  

Death Meditations:

Gaining greater clarity in Life’s greatest mystery by grounding in the fundamental truths of ‘The 9 Contemplations of Death’ by Atisha and embracing the inevitable. A spiritual navigation of the dying process: from biological shutdown and the body’s decomposition, to honoring the stillness and space we leave behind and celebrating the Life lived thus far.


 Artistic Exploration & Emotional Release:


A one-on-one or group practice for experiential learners to express the spiritual self into physical creation. Exploring themes of Death & Dying as well as anxiety and insecurities of Life & Living; a curated mixture of music, art, and gentle movement to alleviate grief and embrace joy. Paint, draw, sculpt, make – Life gets messy, why shouldn’t we?


Household Support:


A dedication of heart work & service for those directly affected by or actively within the Dying process. Advanced care planning, bedside vigils, reiki healing, care team organization, family mediation, respite care, spiritual navigation, legacy creation, as well as post-mortem support and logistics. Our experience in Death calls us to be flexible, authentic and supportive; any form of payment, rates, or exchange of services will be similarly reflective and mutually agreed upon. Set up a free consultation today and together we’ll gain clarity on the kind of support your unique experience deserves.

I'm available to support you as a...

Client -Advanced Care Planning, Companionship, Spiritual Clarity/Exploration, Legacy Making, Sitting Vigil/Bedside Presence, and Artistic Exploration & Emotional Release.

Care Taker - Respite Care, Holding Space/Grief, Household Support & Cleaning, After Care Logistics, Personalized Greeting Cards, Care Team Organization & Mediation.


Community Member - Death Education, Meditations, Speaking Engagements, Questions and Curiosities... Let's set up the time and space for anything you need. Often times, people simply want to talk. And I'm happy to be there to listen.

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